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acquaint Inspector Allen with what had happened,,
and then he spurred his horse forward. No one
In this country has ever seen him since.

The killing of Sergeant Colebrook marked the
real commencement of this., the greatest man-hunt
In all the history of the West. Almighty Voice
was now outlawed with a big price on his head3
dead or alive.

From this time on, until May 24, 1897—nearly
two years later—he Is dropped Into mysterious
oblivion by all books dealing with his career.
The mounted police force scoured the northern
wilderness for him In vain. Not once5 during this
time were they able to pick up a sign of his trail.

The Riders of the Plains^ the official history of
the Royal North-West Mounted Police,, says:
'During this period Almighty Voice never showed
himself among his people, nor did he apparently
hold any communication with them/

But the inside story of these two mysterious
years Is well known by his father and mother,
who are still living at Duck Lake (1928). And
here, for the first time in any book touching upon
this notorious episode., I shall give this story.

As a matter of truth. Almighty Voice hid out in
the wilds of the northern wilderness and made
many secret visits to his parents during these two
years* For months at a time he would disappear
from all human habitation and merge himself with